Hardy Etc Tip

Top 5 Tips To Finding The Right Bit

Keeping your horse comfortable while riding, finding that suitable bit…

• Understand what you need and why- Think about the mouth piece before the cheek pieces. If you can identify what is making the horse uncomfortable in his mouth then you can try suitable bits. Does he need more room for this tongue, does he have a sore area?

• Keep it simple- any good quality metal will warm up quickly I’m your horse’s mouth

• Think relaxation- a grinning horse is an uncomfortable horse, when it comes to judging the height of your horses bit two wrinkles are too much

• Expect less from the bit and more from yourself- changing equipment will not change ability or rideability overnight. Take the pressure off both of you and focus on comfort. Is your horse comfortable.

• Refine your riding- bits are only part of the solution, take regular advice from instructors and/or bitting expert to refine your choice.

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