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Top 5 Tips For Competition Prep- The Night Before

So we all know what its like, trying to be organised and prepared for your competition. Here at Hardy Etc we have made 5 Top Tips to get you ahead of the game

Get the Look- Tarrington Jodhpurs

Tip ONE- Plan your route and decide what time you need to leave to arrive with enough time to settle in and warm up, walk the course, do studs etc.

Get the Look- Peterstow Stirrups

Tip TWO- List horse equipment you need to take and check it is clean, in good condition and ready for the job.

Tip THREE- Put clean clothing ready to wear or loan into your transport ensuring riding hats and body protector are discipline compliant.

Get the look- Peterstow Stirrups

Tip FOUR- Check your trailer/horsebox is road worthy load with hay, water, buckets, first aid and grooming kit etc plus refreshments for the rider

Tip FIVE- Allow plenty of time for last minute preparation before setting off. Take a copy of show schedule, dressage tests (if applicable) and Horses passport.

Good Luck