Hardy Etc Tip

The Benefits Of Hacking Your Horse

Who doesn’t love it, time to unwind there’s nothing quite like getting out into the countryside with your four-legged friend and exploring new routes together.


Hacking can really benefit your horse, have a read below to find out why

*Ease his stiffness – Hacking out and moving around is perfect for keeping any stiffness or filled legs at bay, especially if your horse is in his twilight years.

*Cheer your horse up – Finally, a hacking horse is a happy horse! Surely the goal of every horse owner?

* Engage your horse’s brain – Hacking provides variety in your horse’s work, which is so important for keeping him/her  interested in life and keeping them on your side.

*Boost your horse’s confidence – Getting your horse out and about regularly, seeing, coping with new unusual things, is one of the best ways to make them brave

* Improving fitness – Racking up the miles is good for your horse’s fitness levels, keeping health issues related to obesity and lack of fitness, such as laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome, under control.