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Planning Your 2017 Competition Season

Planning your 2017 Competition Season

1. Identify what you want to achieve, check qualification and eligibility criteria for both you and your horse. Be realistic about your ability and commitment when you draw up your plan.

2. Plan your calendar of events, start with a confidence building ‘easy’ event to get you going.

3. Plan for progression across the season, building confidence for both you and your horse

4. Don’t schedule back to back competitions, actively build in time for training, hacking and other fun activities.

5. Plan a number of different routes to gain your competition qualifications so that you won’t be stressed by poor weather conditions, cancelled events, loosing a shoe or lorry breakdown.

6. Discuss your plan with your trainer, make sure your horses vaccinations are up to date and that farrier, dentist and therapy sessions are booked.

7. Enjoy planning, training and competing and if things don’t quite go to plan there will be other opportunities to keep on learning and achieving.