Is your horse fit for hunting?


So that you can enjoy your hunting experience this coming season,

It is critical that your horse is fit enough. This will allow your horse to stay in peak performance on the hunting field, when it matters and minimize the risk of any injuries.

If your horse has been in light work over the summer months fitness should be worked on gradually over a period of weeks to enable the horse’s body to adjust to the changes in exercise level. Don’t take short cuts or rush the process as sudden increases in work can result in pulled or torn muscles! The period of time required to get a horse fit will be influenced by numerous factors such as their previous workload, their age and how fit the horse has previously been.

Before starting the fitness work check the horse’s general health make sure they are to date with any vaccinations, dentistry checks, shoeing and worming.

Top 3 tips to get your horse fit for the Hunting field

  • start the fitness plan with walk work. walking your horse for 20 minutes and build it up for over an hour. Including hill work will help with balance, conditioning and muscle development.
  • Once your horse has gained in fitness include extended periods of canter work to improve and build your horse’s cardiac endurance but ensure you give your horse walks breaks in between to break up the work. Check all tack fits your horse correctly and that it is suitable for the hunting field.
  • Keep your horse’s work varied for all round development and to ensure they

Remain positive and focused in their work. Don’t neglect your schooling and be prepared if asked to jump a fence on your day hunting that your horse is well practiced at jumping in open spaces.



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