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Day With Isabel Benbow at Badminton Grassroots

So the Sun was out when I met Isabel and Bryn on Wednesday morning at Badminton

There is just something about this place, the feeling you get when you follow all the white string and sign posts to finally arrive at Badminton. I wasn’t even riding and I got goosebumps just thinking about it. It’s every rider’s dream to be riding at Badminton.

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Isabel and Bryn from Tipton Hall Riding School were making their dream become a reality. They set off to Badminton on Monday night, to settle Bryn in to his new home for the next few days, an early time for their dressage on the Tuesday, left no time to be nervous. They did a beautiful test, to get a respectful 32.9%. Great start to the next few days.

So I arrived on Wednesday morning, to see them both. Bryn having a munch of grass looking super relaxed, while Isobel was getting suited and booted in time for the showjumping. Friends and family were arriving, everyone was excited to see them both in action. So off we went down to the show jumping ring.

When we arrived, they were just finishing off the class before us, so with a quick alteration of the jumps, it was perfect timing to walk the course.

Off Isabel, mum and dad went to walk the course. A quick watch of a couple of riders. Course learnt.

Isabel warmed Bryn up, who was being very well behaved in the warm up arena, even if the other riders were cutting her up. She coped really well with it. Raised the jumps a bit to get Bryn listening and focussing. She was ready ….

A fantastic clear round, and a huge jump over the last Bryn was obviously pleased with himself.


Quick change of clothes and tack and then off to XC start they went. Mum and Dad on bikes. Due to the size of the course me and Tot, Isabel’s trainer waited at the finish for HER. So over the speakers we heard she was off…. Listening out to hear her name, and before I knew it she was heading towards the last couple of fences. Still looking keen and Bryn looked great. They completed, they got round, even if Bryn had a few cheeky run outs. It’s a big ask to even get to this event and to get round such a testing and long course, is a huge achievement


Super well done to both of you,

First time seeing Hardy Etc clothing in front of the Badminton house, is an exciting moment, it really was a pleasure for such a partnership to be wearing them.


Wishing you both all the luck for the rest of the season. We look forward to following your journey

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