Hardy Etc Tip

5 Top Tips To Beat The January Blues & Get Ready For The Year Ahead!


Make a plan.

What are your goals  for this year? Do a dressage test, complete a one day event? Step up a level with your horse? Write it down with 5 things you can do to get to that goal. Then set yourself dates to check your progress, just remember don’t be to hard on your self, keep going and you will reach that final goal.

Deep Clean.

Clean boots, brushes, travelling kit and rugs ready for the show season. The summer will fly round so be ready, see if anything needs fixing, cleaning or even treat them to something new.

Tack room sort out.

A job done when Spring is under way, the tack room clear out is the equestrians equivalent of spring cleaning the house. After all, the tack room is more important than the house, right? Springtime brings us a whole bundle of joy; the Eventing season is now well and truly underway; Hunter Trials have started up again; Balmy weather cries out for long, woodland hacks and the show season gets under full swing. Therefore you really don’t want to be wasting time, sorting out boots and bandages. Get ahead of the game, shut the door, put the heated on and get sorting!

Tack Cleaning.

Give your tack a really thorough clean and oiling. Your tack really goes through a hard time in the winter; constantly getting wet, dry, cold, damp then warm again when back in the tack room. Take your bridle to pieces and give a thorough clean with a warm wet cloth. Then oil and leave to soak up the oil until you put to back together. Make sure your leather headcollar, breastplates, martingales etc and saddle are done as well. You’ll feel great afterwards!


Treat yourself to a diary, they are a must have for any horsey person, pencil in all your schooling, training and competitions dates.


We hope you have a successful season